Gaming Furniture – Let’s Talk about Chairs and Desks

Do you really need dedicated gaming furniture? Couldn’t you get by using that rusty folding table and office chair from the basement? Sure. Yet trying to play a marathon session of Shadow Warrior 2 or Mass Effect Andromeda with this setup will have you in agony from intense neck and back pain.

The Chair

Although you should consider all the options – What’s the available space? Do you need audio in/out ports? Does it have padded armrests? What other features will help increase your gaming experience or maybe add comfort? – the secret when choosing a gaming chair is to pick the one that best suits your needs.


Here are some other factors to consider:

Ergonomic Design

High end office chairs (and those built specifically for gaming) should have all or most of these features:

Adjustability – Does this chair have height and angle adjustments?

Height – Does it match the height of the desk?

Armrests – Does it have adjustable armrests?

Lumbar Support – Does it have a properly padded in the back?

Size – Is this chair the right size for your body? Too big? Too small?


Look for quality materials and construction. Many specialty chairs are made of lightweight aluminum. The seats and back may be covered in cloth mesh (for breathability) or faux leather (for a more rich look).


Specialty chairs are naturally more expensive that typical office furniture. However, they tend to be sturdier with higher quality material and construction – features aimed at giving you the comfort and ease to make long gaming sessions enjoyable.

Try Before You Buy

No matter how many positive reviews it receives, how affordable or stylish or well crafted it may be – if it doesn’t feel right when you sit in it then you need to move on to something else.


The Desk

You’re proud you built your first PC gaming rig, but what about your desk? Although almost any thing you choose will hold your computer; the right desk for PC gaming will allow you to do that and more. It’ll be efficient and organized. No more will you be running all over the house looking for that re-boot of Tomb Raider. If it has enough surface for your work, if it is sturdy enough, if it has the right “look” for your gaming space then it is the right desk for you.

Desks can be found, purchased or (if you’re skilled) crafted. Desks are typically constructed from wood, PVC and steel, or glass. They can be antique. They can be post-modern. They can be L-shaped, left-handed, a rolling cart, U-shaped. You can even make one out of a couple of saw-horses and an old door. A desk can be whatever suits your style and mood.


Some key questions to ask yourself about the desk you choose to use: How many monitors do you own? Do you have VESA mounts for them? Do you have wired or wireless peripherals? Will the rig itself be on the desk or on the floor?

Finding the right combination of desk and chair is essential to a quality gaming experience. It can also help protect to your long-term health — helping to prevent many repetitive-stress injuries.