How To Keep Your Teeth In Healthy Shape

There is no sense in denying what is obvious when it comes to the overall health of your teeth, there is hardly any space for mediocre decision making and un-informed decision making. In other words, you want to implement a plethora of strategies and techniques meant to keep your teeth in optimal shape and functionality as well. Furthermore, if you have suffered from a toothache or perhaps weak, you will know how uncomfortable an experience this might be. While the teeth might play a significant role in our overall body health, not many people have sufficient insight into the ideal practices for healthy and pristine teeth.

How to keep your teeth in shape

The following are some of the basic tips worth taking into account for your tooth health regime:

Brush and floss regularly -perhaps the single most important practice that you can start with is to ensure to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. The human teeth structure has many nooks and crevices where minute food particles get stuck and start rotting if not eliminated in time. In this case, brushing your teeth after every meal helps scrape the food remains over the tooth surface. On the other hand, using a simple string is beneficial for eliminating the food particles that get stuck in between the tooth.

Visit the dentist every once in a while – scheduling timely visits to the dentist is a nice suggestion for every person. Simply put, a dentist has the knowledge on perfect teeth health and will help you in the process of evaluating the teeth for any complications. More importantly, since most of us are at one point consuming highly processed foods of perhaps food packed with preservatives, it is inherent that you schedule visits to the dentist to help you in scraping the grime and accumulated food off your teeth.

Avoid sugary and junk food – If you tend to consume excessive amounts of junk food and sugary substances, then you are very vulnerable to myriad forms of tooth complications. In fact, according to a recent study by the American Dental Association involving individuals who preferred to process/junk foods over healthy food versus those who did not, 73% of those consumed junk food suffered some form of tooth complication. So opting for organic and healthy foods along with beverages might no be such a bad suggestion for you after all.

Use mouthwash – unlike conventional toothpaste, mouthwash has a much more potent effect on infection-causing bacteria in the mouth. Some of the powerful mouthwash brands that you should give a try include Listerine and Colgate. Moreover, since mouthwash is in liquid form, it seeps directly into the nooks and crevices where bacteria and food particle hide away from the bristles of your toothbrush.


Overall, when taken together, tooth health is an important subject for each person. It is smart to note that while the above tips might be beneficial individually, they tend to be more advantageous, you implement them all together to your tooth-cleaning regime.