Want to protect your home? Buy a portable generator!

Portable generators are very useful in situations where the area power has been interrupted, such as in a natural disaster or an incident involving damage to the area’s electric supply. When there is no electricity, no home appliance is operating. The air conditioner, gas or electric heater, and the refrigerator will be offline until electricity is restored. A top rated quiet portable generator from reliable manufacturer such as Westinghouse supplies enough electricity to preserve refrigerated food and to bring the home to a liveable temperature range, all of that without generating too much excessive noise.

At its basic level, a portable generator employs a small gasoline engine to turn a generating device. There are a wide variety of generator types and sizes available to meet the needs of nearly any situation, from small models that produce 1000 watts to large 10,000 watt powerhouses. some small generators have a 2-stroke engine that requires a gasoline/oil mixture while all the larger models are equipped with 4-stroke engines that contain the engine oil in the crankcase and run on straight gasoline, similar to an automobile engine.

Nearly all portable generators have a retractable pull start, however, some large models may have an optional electronic start with a small battery that operates the starter motor. While it is running, the generator produces a small amount of DC power to maintain the battery charge while it produces AC power. Most modern generators are quite easy to start with the pull cord, and with proper care and maintenance, they remain easy to start for many years.

When deciding on a generator size, the portability of the unit should be considered. Although portable, the largest models are not easy for one person to move over rough ground. The smallest models are easily portable, but they may not produce the required power level. Another consideration is the cost of running different models. Generally, the smaller the generator, the lower operating cost. A 5500 watt model will likely use five gallons of gasoline in ten hours, and the larger generators will use more gasoline while the smaller units will use less.

An assessment of the power needed during a blackout will yield a concept of the generator size that would be needed. Check the power consumption of required appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and home heating or cooling units to calculate the generator output that will power those appliances. The power consumption of other essential devices should also be included. With this information, a knowledgeable retail associate can help select the model in line with power requirements as well as budget.

Some homeowners may choose to consult an electrician when determining what type of portable generator they will need during a power outage. These professionals may also recommend accessories that will eliminate any hassle in connecting the generator to the breaker box as well as comply with any local regulations regarding self-powering a home.

The wise homeowner would not wait for a current power outage before acquiring an emergency portable generator. During emergencies, natural disasters, or long blackouts, the available stock of generators is quickly purchased by other homeowners needing power, so it is best to purchase one and have it ready to go if and when a power outage occurs. Purchasing a generator would also allow for comparison shopping in order to purchase the highest quality unit for a reasonable price, which is a far better scenario than being forced to pay any price for any generator that is available during a power outage. If in doubt which model would be a perfect option for you, consult www.generatoradvisor.com or other generator review sites.

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